Miss Fancy: A Brief History, 1998

In this exhibition Miss Fancy Pants is exposed as a person with a history shared through objects and stories. The exhibition displayed the handmade costume panties of Miss Fancy Pants in a timeline format and included a video history of Miss Fancy Pants from birth into the millennium. The soundtrack is personal stories mixed with dance music to create an upbeat buoyancy combined with an at times poignant, ugly or absurd narrative. The exhibition took place in the large gallery windows and is designed to be viewed and experienced from the street. The design is modeled after exhibitions at the Smithsonian Museum (specifically my childhood memory of the display of the Supremes costumes) crossed with the juniors department of a department store.



Miss Fancy Pants Manifesto

Miss Fancy Pants is a product of my middle class American self. She is a little bit bored and a little bit rock n' roll.

Miss Fancy Pants is the funny feeling you got in your skirt and shorts before you knew what to do with it.

Miss Fancy Pants shows you hers whether or not you show yours.

Miss Fancy Pants is as brave as a pop song and as honest as junior high school.

Miss Fancy Pants makes friends and adores them.

Miss Fancy Pants is the little girl on Chicago Avenue strutting her stuff as her mother yanks her arm.

Miss Fancy Pants is childhood and sexual energy unwilling to sit still.

Miss Fancy Pants is going on tour.