The Work Series/Nanny Series, 1998 – 2000

These projects were made when I was in transition and leaving childcare as income generating work. I am interested in women who, for a living, take care of children that are not their own, and the fragile but fast relationships that are forged with the children and the families. "The Hills are Alive" and "Poppins, M." explore how childcare work is gendered, classed and related to aspects of the sinister and sensational in our culture (tabloid, science fiction, movies). In looking for new ways to generate income through doing meaningful work, "eXtra Fancy" was a performance and sincere job application to join the band The Spice Girls.


Extra Fancy

Extra Fancy was a live performance and formal application to join the band the Spice Girls. The performance took place for live audiences as well as the video camera. Viewers of the performance were requested to sign the petition of support and positivity. Signees later received an update on eXtra Spice’s application process, a thank you for their support and an 8x10" b&w glossy. The project playfully explores hope and longing in relation to finding meaningful work and receiving recognition for one’s efforts.