preschool, 2005

preschool comes from photographing my experiences and daydreams during the period of time spent with a young child, my son. In this work, I photograph myself, my child, our pets, rituals and the spaces/places we inhabit. I am interested in how these lenticular images --like life experiences-- mostly quietly, sometimes acutely, shift between the magical and the mundane. I am drawn to the lenticular process from a fascination with the lenticular postcards my father would mail to me on his exotic travels as an airline pilot. These postcard parental memories, new experiences of childhood as a parent, and the lenticular's out-of-date 'don't look at the man behind the curtain' clunky transformation and optimistic qualities have led me to work with the process. Lenticular photography, like the processes I am photographing - pumping breast milk, blossoming branches, folding laundry, changing skies - is simple, and transformative.


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