Far and Then Farther, 2007

In this series, landscape is the set and stage for narrative as in literature and cinema. Far and Then Farther was created after the births of my two sons, the images made while traveling together with our family. I am the daughter of an airline pilot, our family traveled a great deal. Travel and repeatedly connecting and reconnecting with place and people created a point of view with an acute sense of loss and leaving. The door of an airplane still feels like a magic portal that closes on one place and view then opens to another. When I photograph I seek the magic in the mundane, and an anxious quickening. I look to color, pattern, scale, and light to work with their psychological effects. A photograph presents a now dead moment, plump with nostalgia. Film based photography is now also leaving, dying. The double death in film-based photography informs my looking and longing.


{roll over for alternate view}