An Enlarged Heart, 2010

An Enlarged Heart takes language, growth, death, and light as central forms and metaphor with works in neon, photography, lenticular imaging, photo etching, embroidery, and performances. New words and their meanings, movements, skills, and experiences are part of the every day parade when raising children; I am staggered by each moments fullness then disappearance. I re-learn the power of words as my children learn their power and literacy for the first time. Most of the visual representations of texts in this exhibition are in my six-year old son’s hand, he transcribed phrases and sets of words I dictated. The inherent light in the words meanings and transcriptions led to creating the works in neon. Medically, an enlarged heart is fatal. Spiritually, an enlarged heart is growth filled and a constant goal. I am interested in the light and the dark and how transformation has pain, loss or difficulty attached.


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